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New York, New Jersey, Washington, Virginia, Vermont, Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maryland. Louisiana, Kentucky. Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Arizona, Alaska, Alabama, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming!

Finest Cannabis Company

In United states Supply (Indicadispo), we carry cannabis. Not just any cannabis, the absolute highest quality lab-tested, pesticide-free medicinal and recreational products that we have to offer. From Flower to Vapes, Edibles, and Concentrates, you name it, we got it, and we make it all available to you with a click of a button.

Same Day Delivery Service

We deliver premium marijuana products to your home or office by one of our professional bud tenders. Our bud tenders are well-trained and very friendly.

Same day delivery in most areas. Call for information on deliveries to your area, or visit our Delivery Info page.

Both Medical and Recreational Store

Must be
above 20 years of age.

Same Day Delivery Service

We believe that everyone deserve access to a cannabis delivery experience that is convenient, informative, reliable, and safe. Our dedicated customer service specialists are available 7 days a week to guide you to the perfect product, track your delivery and offer live support every step of the way.


License # C11-0340540-LI1

Our Mission

We’re a local marijuana shop  bringing you the highest-grade cannabis in the state. Our namesake, Dreamer, is dedicated to the big dreamers and go getters who have their heads in the clouds but their feet on the ground. We’ve curated a diverse selection of cannabis products that can be tailored to your needs, whether you want to energize or rejuvenate, decompress or shift into overdrive. Our experienced staff and welcoming storefront make your experience fun and enjoyable, and you can pre-order online for deliveries. We’ll see you soon.

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